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Why Tasha J Fitness ?

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Our Fitness Solutions & Keys

What Helped Me (that can help you)?

By applying, what I have now termed, Our Solutions and Our Keys, in an effective way, I learned so much about what I previously did not even realize I did not know about nutrition and exercise and was able to tell the myths from the facts. I successfully reversed my condition, naturally, without medicine. I started with simple workout-less weight loss solutions and added on more solutions from there. I did not become overwhelmed, unhappy or deprived, but rather happier and more satisfied in all aspects of my life.  I made successful lifestyle changes that I could maintain and I continue to walk out today. 

How We Can Help You?

I became more passionate about sharing how to take control of your health and make lasting positive changes in your life via my successful journey. I started this company to make it easier for you and others to see how to do this successfully and then, do it, too. 


We aim to help you Get Fit to Stay Fit, which is our mantra.  Our Solutions and Our Keys were made to help you with your goals and I'm living proof they work and so our clients, our TJ Fit FamilyOur Solutions are what we provide and Our Keys are why we are providing them.


Our Solutions (check out our infographic):

  • 1 on 1 Health Coaching

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training

  • Group Training

  • Fitness Classes

  • Health Coaching Courses

Our Keys (check out our infographic):

  • Awareness

  • Action

  • Habit

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Our story

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I Am Tasha J

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer

AADE Lifestyle Coach

Licensed Group Exercise Instructor

REVERSED Pre-Diabetes Naturally

My Mindset

I know that we CAN create the outcomes that we want to see in our lives.  I'm passionate about motivating and inspiring people to do it. I want to help people become the healthiest versions of themselves in an uplifting and encouraging way.

I believe the best way to stay healthy is to have a mindset focused on prevention.  In my mind, prevention means using nutrition, exercise, and behavioral change to your advantage. A prevention state of mind helps us avoid health issues before they alter our lives or require us to manage avoidable health condition(s) long term.

My Story

If you can imagine what it feels like to be in good health your whole life and out of the blue be diagnosed with the preventable disease of Type II Pre-Diabetes, you will understand from whence I came.  I didn't realize that despite doing what I thought were good things for my health, there was still so much that I was doing that was sabotaging my health.  I thought I knew about and I thought I knew how to apply health promoting nutrition. I actually held as truth many things that were popular misconceptions.  This lack of awareness silently and negatively impacted my health.  It also left me unclear on how to maintain my weight loss and inevitably gaining pounds back again after I had been working out.  As well, there was nothing to alarm me that I could be taking care of myself better until, at the rather young age of 28, I was diagnosed with Type II Pre-Diabetes. I was shocked because I didn't think I was doing that bad with staying active and eating ok.

Our Story
How We Help You?

Getting Started is easy

Fit Girl
You want to...
  • Loose a few pounds or many

  • Tone Up and/or strengthen your body

  • Recover and bounce back after a pregnancy 

  • Better manage your health, especially surrounding periods of major transition (i.e. - new profession managing work-life balance, battling the "freshman 15", newly retired, new mom, wedding prep, etc.)

You should work with us if...

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Lifting Weights
You want to...
  • Be active while being safe during COVID

  • Overcome a plateau

  • Be held accountable and stick to a fitness or nutrition routine

  • Be inspired and encouraged as a part of the TJ Fit Family

  • Have a success story of your own

  • Become more happy and satisfied with how you look and feel

We can help you if...

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Lifting Weights
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You want to...
  • Learn how to create meals that can help you loose weight

  • Understand how to meal plan effectively

  • Learn more about the nutrients in food and how to use them to your advantage for weight loss

  • Achieve workout less weight

  • Work to prevent the outcomes of chronic medical conditions.


know you are ready if...

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Get Started
You have come to the right place if you want to?...
  • Loose a few pounds or many

  • Tone up and/or strengthen your body

  • Recover and bounce back after a pregnancy (I did that too)

  • Better manage your health during transitional periods in life (i.e. - young professional managing a work-life balance, battling the "freshman 15", emotional eating, being newly retired or new to exercise, etc.)

  • Get more flexible

  • Create a consistent fitness and/or nutrition routine

  • Be helped with accountability

  • Be motivated and inspired 

  • Learn how to create healthier meals

  • Learn how to lose weight by using food to your advantage

  • Use a prevention state of mind to win against avoidable medical conditions (i.e.- Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, or High Cholesterol)



Proud Grandma &

Retired AACPS Teacher

I never imagined all that I am able to do now.  At first, I was hesitant to see how I would be treated since I was new to exercise.  I didn't want to go too fast or feel overwhelmed by the training program, as well, I had real ailments to content with.  I was impressed with how I wasn't pushed in a bad way, but truly motivated and now I'm running and lifting weights.  If you told me a year ago that I'd be doing any of this I wouldn't have believed it.  I feel so proud of myself because I know I'm doing a good job.  None of this would have been possible without the help of my personal trainer [Tasha J].



Corporate Professional &

Mother of 2 lovely little ones

I really wanted to become more consistent and loose my baby weight after my second child.  I also wanted to be able to show my kids what a healthy lifestyle looks like.  I am so proud of my progress!  I literally have shed tears of joy because I feel like myself again. I'm being transformed and it feels so good. Also, my son now works out with me and has had my trainer [Tasha J] counting his squats too as we do our virtual workouts during COVID. I feel so much better and stronger physically and even know how to make better nutrition choices, since my health coaching consultation.  This time the weight I have lost, I'll know how to keep off because my eating habits have changed for the better.

Featured success stories 

Success Stories

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I love to speak about health, promote health, share my story, or partner with people or organizations passionate about the things close to my heart. If you want to work together, let's connect!

Tasha J

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Get Fit to Stay Fit. 

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