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I Am Tasha J

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer

AADE Lifestyle Coach

Licensed Group Exercise Instructor

REVERSED Pre-Diabetes Naturally

I started Tasha J Fitness based on my own real life health scare. I managed to be victorious and it taught me a lot about success with nutrition and fitness. Now I want to teach you. Learn how we can help you by getting to know our story.

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Proud Grandma &

Retired AACPS Teacher

I never imagined all that I am able to do now.  At first, I was hesitant to see how I would be treated since I was new to exercise.  I didn't want to go too fast or feel overwhelmed by the training program, as well, I had real ailments to contend with.  I was impressed with how I wasn't pushed in a bad way, but truly motivated and now I'm running and lifting weights.  If you told me a year ago that I'd be doing any of this I wouldn't have believed it.  I feel so proud of myself because I know I'm doing a good job for me.  None of this would have been possible without the help of my personal trainer [Tasha J].



Corporate Professional &

Mother of 2 lovely little ones

I really wanted to become more consistent and loose my baby weight after my second child.  I also wanted to be able to show my kids what a healthy lifestyle looks like.  I am so proud of my progress!  I literally have shed tears of joy because I feel like myself again. I'm being transformed and it feels so good. My son now works out with me and has had my trainer [Tasha J] counting his squats, too, as we do our virtual workouts during COVID. I feel so much better and stronger physically. Since my health coaching consultation, I know how to make better nutrition choices.  This time the weight I have lost, I'll know how to keep off because my eating habits have changed for the better.

Success Stories

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The Ultimate Courses to Changing Your Health Life

Are you looking to change your health lifestyle?  These virtual courses will help coach you.  Think of them as personal training but for your mind or having your own personal health coach in your pocket.  You will learn valuable concepts that you will be able to utilize in your life, always. We offer courses that give guidance on understanding how to embark on a health journey, eating better to fuel health and loss weight, and understanding nutritional concepts that are often sources of confusion or just general misinformation. These courses are the keys to getting the results you want and maintaining those results.  See you there!  

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Get Fit to Stay Fit. 

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